Tuesday, 11 March 2014

I'm wearing yellow

On Thursday March 13 I'm wearing yellow for world wide endometriosis awareness day.

Sadly, there is little known about endometriosis & it’s a disease that effects millions of women around the world.

A common response to endometriosis (even from some doctors and health professionals) is that it’s ‘women’s business’ or ‘just cramps’ and the disease often goes unmentioned, undiagnosed  and misunderstood. It is for this reason endometriosis awareness is vital so that women can feel free to share their stories and struggles which will hopefully raise enough awareness to lead to a cure one day. 

For many women the pain of ‘endo’ is ever present,  some women are not able to work or go to school, they are home bound, debilitated by pain. 

For me in short, endometriosis has meant two surgeries in the last two years, it’s meant trips to the e.d, countless specialist appointments, medical bills, too many missed days of work, days spent in bed, stress and of course chronic pain. I have a constant niggling reminder that the pain is almost always there, just waiting to flare up. I'm ever so thankful that I'm one of the lucky ones with a supportive partner that is also super at hot water bottle duties!

I'm wearing yellow...

A book I recently read ' stop endometriosis and pelvic pain' by Andrew S Cook,  states that the pain is often described as a stabbing and tugging sensation repeatedly in the lower abdomen and groin area. Sometimes if your lucky it be can eased with strong narcotics.

Some facts about endometriosis;
  • Endometriosis is a disease that effects 10% of women world wide
  • It causes chronic pain
  • It is a leading cause of infertility
  • There is no cure

So please wear yellow for endometriosis this Thursday the 13th, share your story, raise awareness and hopefully one day there will be a cure!

Kirstin x

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