Sunday, 6 July 2014


The laneways

If your planning a trip to the UK anytime soon, fit in a trip to the coastal town of Brighton. You won't regret it.

I love Brighton. We took the train from London which took just under an hour. Brighton seems to be what most coastal towns try to achieve, a beautiful beach front with a town full of narrow little laneways filled with shops, cafes and restaurants.  Theres definitely no shortage of hipsters in this town! It is so easy to get lost in the laneways, we spent hours pottering in and out of the many stores. There's so many interesting little shops from vintage furniture to rockabilly dresses & old record stores. There are loads of bars and eateries, loads of fresh vegetarian and vegan places which was great. Even Phil enjoyed the shops so thats saying something.

The beach in Brighton is typically English with pebbles instead of sand. But this doesn't stop the locals from getting out and sun baking all day. If you're wondering what it feels like you could try lying on a pebble garden bed or driveway haha! Not the most comfortable, but the English seem happy to ignore it. Never the less, the beach is a lovely spot to sit with a glass of wine and watch the day go by. I particularly liked all the colourful little beach houses along the shore.

We booked our accommodation through airbnb and it was wonderful, hooray!  We stayed with a lovely lady Phillipa and her three year old son, who live just a short stroll from the beach.  Phillipa was a wonderful host, making us breakfast each morning and we had plenty of chats over cups of tea, a very authentic English experience.

Brighton beach houses

I am writing this post from the plane, so its fairwell to the UK and hello to Portugal! I hope we meet again England!

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