Monday, 24 February 2014

Reasons why you SHOULD road trip around New Zealand

Lake Tekapo

Today I'm sharing you with you a few pictures from our recent whirlwind road trip around the south island of New Zealand.

Point number 1 - Everyone will tell you New Zealand is breath taking &that's with good reason! Drive about an hour and half out of Christchurch and BAM your surrounded by natural beauty. Photo opportunities are plentiful, not that they really do it any justice.

Hello Philly!!

Point 2 - Getting a van is a good idea. This way you can explore at your own leisure, you call the shots on when to stay when to leave and where to go next. I would recommend bringing your own sheets though, I'm quite sure we had bed bugs the first night so I had to sleep in as many layers of clothing I could find.

Phil & our super rad van 'free willy'

Point 3 -Visit wineries, lots and as many as you can, even if you don't enjoy wine you will enjoy the views, and the characters that run them.They also tend to offer lots of insider tips of where to go.

A beautiful spot for an afternoon wine

Point 4 - The smaller towns are worth stopping in. We found lots of hidden gems on our daily morning (and afternoon) tea stops! From vintage craft stores to the best blueberry crumble I've ever tasted.. we never regretted one stop.

Rapt we made it to the top -Queenstown hike

Point 5 - It's easy! Flying to New Zealand was a breeze, just over 3 hours on the plane and inexpensive flights leaves you wondering why on earth you haven't been there before.

If this hasn't won you over, hopefully the pretty pictures will.. now go on book those flights and enjoy!

Kirstin x

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