Friday, 18 July 2014

Oporto & the Duoro Valley

Our time in Oporto has flown! Another breathtakingly beautiful part of Portugal that we have been lucky enough to get a glimpse of.

We caught the train from Lisbon, about a 3 hour journey. We spent the first two nights near the city centre, the following 3 nights we stayed in apartment close to the beach but still within a close proximity to the city by bus.

A typical park in Oporto
During our stay we took a small group tour to the Duoro Valley, the oldest wine/port region in the world! It was a classic group of people from all over the world on the tour, but we all got along swell and had a lovely day together exploring the mountains and tasting real authentic port. What an experience this was, one we will never forget. Our tour guide was fantastic,  he had so much knowledge of Portugal and the wine region and it was refreshing to see someone so passionate about thier country.

Duoro Valley

Laneways in Oporto
The pool at the apartment, bliss
Enjoying fresh and cheap seafood!

Oporto itself is a picturesque city, spanned across the Duoro river joint by a rather impressive bridge. We enjoyed exploring the sites then spending a few chilled days by the beach. The seafood by the beach was delectable,  so fresh and all cooked on the grill at the front of the restaurants. Cruising around on bikes along the coast is a must if you ever find yourself adventuring through Oporto.

I have throughly enjoyed our time in Portugal, so many beautiful sites!  I hope we can return one day! Ombregado!

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